Thursday, May 27, 2010

18 mo. Well Check

Liam had his 18 mo. well check yesterday. Dr. Evans said he is doing GREAT! She was impressed with his signing, and said he is developing right on track and doesn't show any delays from his prematurity. That was good to hear. He is still LARGE, 34 in. tall (87%), 34 lbs. (99%), and his head 20 in. (98%)!! BIG BOY! She wasn't concerned with his size, she said he has always been "big" and he is developing on track according to his previous check-ups, so good news there.
Although Liam will always be my "baby" he is now totally a toddler! I am so excited with everything he is learning and how fast he is able to pick things up these days. Because he is at an age where he is learning so quickly, I have decided to start taking a more structured approach to his learning. My friend recently introduced me to this blog. AMAZING!! If you have a toddler I highly recommend it!! I have been gathering supplies and getting ready to start our first "lesson" next week! I would LOVE for you to keep up with us on this journey, so I started a blog called La La Learning to highlight all the "learning" activities we will be doing! There are so many fun resources out there to help mom's teach their children not only about colors and numbers, but scriptures, virtues, and character lessons as well. I feel so blessed to be able to be here with Liam every day, these years are so precious and I know they will be gone in a blink. So, while I have him here, I hope to do my very best to raise him up to be a Godly man.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Strawberry Pickin'

Stephanie, Kim and I took the kiddos strawberry picking this weekend. Let me tell you, an 8 month old and 18 month old make this quite an adventure. Liam had a great time picking the berries, eating the dirt, and playing with the rocks he found along the way. He may have gotten them confused a couple times, but that never seemed to slow him down. I was able to make a strawberry pie and 12 jars of jam from our berries, so I consider that a successful trip!

Liam loved the water pumps!

Yep, he is eating a rock :-)
Sweet Ella

Liam and Ella had a great time chomping down on the berries :-)

Chris and Stephanie let Liam borrow Ella's Cozy Coupe until she is big enough to use it. Liam LOVES it!! Car, Car, Car is what he says. He gets in and out of it 100 times a day. It is so cute!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Prayer Request Update

Thank you to everyone who took time to pray for the McEntee family today. I ask that you continue to pray now more than ever. Irena McEntee and her friend Carissa Ireland were found this morning unresponsive, and later pronounced dead at the hospital. I can not imagine what her parents are going through, and I just ask prayers of strength as they face the days ahead. The death of their daughter comes on the heals of the death of their son less than a year ago. Life is so fragile, please say a prayer for them during this time.

Please Pray!

Please take a moment today and pray for the McEntee Family who are members of our church. Their 18 year old daughter and her friend went missing yesterday while on a kayaking trip. The Coast Guard is searching, but nothing has turned up so far. Please pray, pray hard, pray for a miracle!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Heartless:The Story of the Tin Man

I just wanted to share the latest project from Whitestone Motion Pictures that Nick has been working on. I am so proud of them, and can't wait for you to see the movie! They all did an AMAZING job, and I must say the music is just superb (not that I am partial). Check it out here!