Saturday, June 25, 2011


The simple, sweet, and crazy of our week via instagram

Huddy buddy's sweet kissable cheeks. Just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!

Nick took Liam to his very first movie this week, Cars 2! There was A LOT of excitement and build-up surrounding this movie, and in the end Liam lasted maybe 30 minutes before he was "all done cars" and they had to leave. Nick was quite disappointed in their first movie experience, but it was still nice for them to have a Father and son day.

My Precious boys! Can't I just freeze time and keep them this way forever? Please?

Huddy looking completely adorable in his overalls. I just LOVE little boys in overalls. SO CUTE!
Potty training often leads to many moments like this :)

Oh, and Liam fixed us breakfast this week. Nice, right.

So proud of my boy, learning how to share.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I could not ask for a more loving, hard working, and wonderful father for our boys! I am beyond blessed to have such a wonderful Godly example for our boys. Happy Father's Day to one AWESOME Dad!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Three Months

What they say is SO true, it takes three months to get back to your "new normal". I totally felt that way with Liam, and this time around has been the same. I finally feel like I have gotten back into some sort of rhythm, and all the necessities are getting done, which makes everyone happy :). Hudson is doing wonderful, and as you will see, growing like a weed. A really fat weed :). He is just precious, and we are all just loving having him around. Liam absolutely adores him, and is constantly giving him hugs, kisses, and even attempts high fives and fist bumps, too. Like Liam, Hudson is a chunky monkey. He is already wearing 6 month clothes, and has the squishiest little legs you have ever seen. He is sleeping really well at night, which is great! We usually get about a 7-8 hour stretch, then he will nurse and go back to sleep for about 3 more hours. I have no complaints with that at all! The only sleeping issues we are having is with the other kiddo. Liam has not slept through the night in HIS bed since we brought Hudson home. He will go to sleep in his bed, but usually by 3am he had made his way into our bed. At first it was just him, now he has started bringing along "friends". Sometimes it's snuffy, sometimes Buzz or "EE", his monkey. Last night it was Big Bird. How do I know this, well at about 2am I hear Nick say "ouch" So, I ask him what's wrong, and his response was "I think I just got stabbed in the back with Big Bird's beak. I had to laugh.
I love my boys, and I love my life. As nice as it would be to have our bed to ourselves again, these are the days I will want back when they are too big too cuddle and hold close. So, instead of complaining about bird beaks in our back, our butts hanging off the bed, or the tossing and turning of a 2 year old, we are choosing to love the moment we are in, because it will be gone all too soon.

Hudson 3 months
Liam 3 Months
Liam's "Cheese" Face
Sweet baby yawns
Chubby Huddy Buddy

Monday, June 6, 2011

He is obsessed...

He bumps his head, "I get a bam-baid, Mama". He has a bug bite, "I get a bam-baid, Mama". He falls down, "I get a bam-baid, Mama". Pretty much at all times you will find at least one "bam-baid" on my child. Oh, and he has to un-wrap ALL of them so he can see which character he wants. This is very important in the boo-boo healing process, you know.