Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ohio Trip

Last weekend, Liam and I along with my sister and Mom headed up to Ohio for a few days to visit with family. We got to spend time at my Grandpa's pumpkin patch, go to the local fair, and visit with family we haven't seen in years. It was a great trip! This was also Liam's first time on an Airplane which was super stressful for me, and Liam was, how should I say... less than pleasant to fly with. But, we made it there and we made it home, so I guess that was a success. This was also one of the first times Liam had really been away from home, so sleeping and napping were also a struggle which made for a grumpy little boy most of the time :(. Although our trip was wonderful, I have never been happier to get Liam home and back in his normal routine.

Liam, Grandpa and I at his pumpkin patch
Nana, Papa, and Liam
"E" and Liam
"E", Nana, and Liam
Liam and I at Papa's
Helping Papa with the pumpkins
Getting a special little pumpkin from Papa
So precious!
Wagon ride
Checkin' out the tractors with Nana
Petting the cows
This was a HUGE pig!
Petting the baby goat
So cute!
REAL pony rides!
So fun!
More fair food, Fried pickles and vegetables.