Sunday, August 26, 2012

Adventures with a Super Hero

Liam is REALLY into dressing up lately. Every day he is either Spiderman, Batman, Superman or a combination of the three. I love this age, it is so sweet and so much fun to see his imagination grow. We were in Publix the other day and Liam was dressed like Batman, as we were going through the store, Liam looks at me and says, "Mom, no one is saying hi to me, they don't know that I'm Batman." So, to fix this problem, Liam stand up in the back of the cart, puts his hands on his hips and yells as loud as he can "HI EVERYBODY, I AM BATMAN!!" I couldn't help but laugh. I just love him.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Phone photos

Just a few phone pics of the last couple weeks.
Starbucks treats at the mall.

Super Liam 

Normal things to find in the dishwasher.

Castle building on a rainy day. 

Yogurt hair.

 These are the kind of pictures we send Nick when he is out of town :). 

Working on our letters. 

Typical Hudson face. 

Spider man

Movie date with Daddy. 

He is obsessed with coins.