Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday NICK!!



1. He loves God!
2. He is an AWESOME father
3. He works SUPER hard so I can stay home with Liam :o)
4. He makes me laugh every day!!
5. He is THE MOST TALENTED person I have ever met!!
6. He thinks I am beautiful (even though I still have 20lbs to lose)
7. He REALLY loves me!
8. He values his friends
9. He LOVES his mom!!
10. He values his family
11. He tells Liam that he has the best mom in the world! (Soooo Sweet!)
12. Values and appreciates what I do as a Mother!
13. Lets me drive his car even though it has the good stereo
14. He challenges me to be the best I can be
15. He is SEXY!! :o)
16. He takes care of me when I am sick
17. He dreams BIG!
18. He tells me how great of a mom I am to Liam
19. He loves our little dog
20. He knows how to listen...
21. He changed my cat's litter box for 8 months while I was pregnant!! (HUGE DEAL)
22. He writes songs for me :o)
23. He sings to Liam
24. He holds me
25. He is honest
26. He is fun to spend time with :o)
27. He calls me when he is away so I won't worry :o)
28.He is my BEST FRIEND!!

** I feel so blessed everyday to have such a wonderful person to share my life with!!**
~ Happy Birthday my LOVE!!~


Miriam said...

Happy Birthday Nick!! I'm with you on the cat thing! Stacy did the same thing for me...believe it or not, It's HUGE huh?

Josh and Donna said...

happy b-day nick!

Gran said...

Happy birthday Nicholas. I am so proud of you. I knew you would be a good daddy because you always seemed to enjoy my grandkids. Hope you had a great day. Love 0 Aunt Judy