Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Liam is 7 months old!!

7 month chair pictures

Meeting Great Grandma Wentzel for the first time!!
Four Generations
Liam got to meet his great Aunt and Uncle too!
Trying watermelon for the first time
Trying apple for the first time
He loves it!
Sitting up all by myself!!
Drinking from a sippy cup!!

I honestly can't believe it is true. For some reason 7 months sounds so much older to me than 6 months. This has been the BEST 7 months of my life, hands down! I could never have imagined that this little person would come into my life and completely turn it upside down, but that is exactly what happened! Everyday is such a blessing, full of new things, new accomplishments, new discoveries, new faces, new noises, full of so much joy! I feel so blessed everyday that I get to be here with him to see all of his "firsts". God is so gracious! I could not have asked for a better gift than to watch my son grow!

As you can see by the pictures we have had a busy month, and he is doing SO many new things!! He is eating solid food 3x a day now. There really isn't much he doesn't like other than peas. He still makes a gaging face every time I give them to him. And yes, I am a mean mom and still make him eat them despite the drama. He has started staying in the nursery at church on Sunday now so I can go into the big worship center, which is so nice! He has been doing great! And, as you probably saw from the video a few weeks ago Liam is rolling over too! I really need to post a new video of that because he is a pro now! He can roll from his stomach to his back and from his back to his tummy :o)! He will even stay on his stomach and play which is huge because he used to HATE tummy time! He found his feet this month too. He trys and trys to get them in his mouth but his tummy is too big, but that doesn't stop him from trying. Nick told him the other day that he shouldn't be in any hurry to put his foot in his mouth, because if he takes after him he will be doing that the rest of his life. I thought that was funny :o).

Well, he now has 3 TEETH!! As you can see from some of the pictures we are having fun letting him try new foods. He loves trying to eat big people food! It is so cute! Don't worry, I am only letting him try healthy stuff, no cake and ice cream yet! He is fat enough already just eating fruits and veggies and breast milk. We had some special visitors this month too! Liam's Great Grandma, Great Aunt and Uncle, and two cousins came down to visit from Ohio! It was the first time they got to meet him, it was so nice to spend time and visit with them!

Oh, and I can't forget the SCREAMING!!! Liam has "found his voice" for sure! He will scream at the top of his lungs over and over again to to hear himself. It is so funny! When he first stated doing it I thought for sure something was terribly wrong, but I soon discovered that he was just listening to himself scream. It was pretty funny when he stared doing it in Wal-mart the other day. I was officially "that mom" with the screaming kid. Another cute thing is he has started smiling and laughing at the animals. If Lucy walks over to Liam, he will smile really big at her and let out a little giggle. It is so cute! And the last day of the month Liam took his first swim in the kiddy pool! He loved it, and I am so looking forward to taking him to the big pool soon!

Well, I guess I could write all night about my beautiful boy and all the wonderful things he is doing, but I guess I will give you a break for now :o) !


Kimberly said...

OH, I can't wait to kiss and love on him in a few days! I can't wait to see all the ways he's changed.
And 7 mos.?? I can't believe time has gone so fast.

Stephanie and Chris Hunnicutt said...
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Stephanie and Chris Hunnicutt said...

This has been a big month for Liam! You are so right about 7 months sounding so much older than 6. I can't wait for the day our little ones can play together!