Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Savannah with my BABY!!

We finally did it, we left the kiddo with Grandma and Grandpa for the weekend and took a much needed getaway! Whitestone had a film in the Savannah Film Festival, so Nick and Brandon were down there for the week. Kim and I packed up and meet them down there on Friday and stayed the weekend with our hubbys :-)! We had a great time. One of the afternoons we rented bicycles and rode around Savannah. That was the most fun I had in a long time! I can't remember the last time I rode a bike. I couldn't believe how affordable it was, too! We will definitely do that again when we are in Savannah! Whitestone's film "That's Magic" was one of 8 films out of over 800 submitted that was chosen for the festival, so we are quite proud of our husbands, and the whole Whitestone team!
Liam did great at Grandma and Grandpa's and I know that they enjoyed getting to have some special time with him. Now that the first overnight trip is under my belt, I better start planning our next getaway! Not really, I couldn't wait to see my little man and those two nights felt like an eternity! It will be a little while before we take off again, but it is nice to have some "Mommy and Daddy" time away from the baby. I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband that I love so much, and after 11 years together I still look forward to everyday that I get to spend with him! That is a blessing!


Stephanie and Chris Hunnicutt said...

How fun! In order to be the parents you need to be, you need that time away! By the way, you all look hot!

Nicole said...

Awwww how cute are you all! =D Glad you had fun with your hunny! I sent my cat to my moms over the holiday and I missed him SO much! lol I cant even imagine leaving an actual child! haha.