Tuesday, December 8, 2009

13 Months!

And yes, this is the best picture I could get! He does not sit still very long AT ALL, so you take what you can get.
So proud of himself!!
Pointing to the rain

Wow!! It seems like SO much has happened in just one month! Liam is learning so much, and we are having so much fun watching him become a little person. It is so crazy how fast babies learn things. He is crawling all over the place, pulling up on everything, cruising, and walking with his push toys. He has starting say many more words, and signing A LOT! It is so cute, and really neat for him to be able to communicate with us :-). Some of his signs are. More, all done, milk, dog, juice, water, banana, ball, up, bye-bye, fan and eat. Yes, he signs dog and banana but not Mom or Dad... we are working on that :-) He points to EVERYTHING! Dat, dat, dat... Some of his words are dada, mama, lulu (lucy), fan, juice, water, bye-bye, uh-oh and dog. I have so much fun teaching him new things. I am just so proud of him!! He loves to look at books, and gets SO excited when he sees pictures of babies, cats, and dogs. It is so cute! He gives kisses now too, LOVE IT! He has such a personality, and we are enjoying each and everyday we get to spend together. Being able to stay home with him has called for sacrifices, but it has been the greatest reward I could ever ask for, getting to be here to see him grow and learn each day is truly priceless! I can't wait to update you next month on his progress. Hopefully by then he will have Mama and Dada down pat! Here is a little video is Liam walking :-)

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