Saturday, January 16, 2010

Liam Signing - Take 2 :-)

Here is Liam showing off some of his signing. Nick and I realized that we did forget a few more signs that he knows as well, banana, milk, and cracker. But for now, enjoy our smart little man :-)


Miriam said...

He is doing great! We signed with Micah as well, but he didn't know ALL of that! Liam is smart!!

Kimberly said...

He is SOOOO precious!!! I loved watching that! I laughed out loud when he said Bye halfway through. He's like, "I'm done performing, Mom." I can't believe he can do the brushing teeth, too. I'm shocked out how many signs he knows. How fun!

McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Wow, we are impressed! :>) That is so adorable!