Monday, July 5, 2010

Forth of July Fun!

We had a lot of fun celebrating the 4th with our family! We were able to enjoy the Chateau Elan Fireworks up the street from the Ace Hardware parking lot this year. MUCH better than braving the traffic at Chateau Elan like last year! Liam was sacred of them at first, but towards the end he started enjoying them more. It was so cute, when we got home I was getting him out of the car and I asked him if he had fun, and he looked at me and put his hands up in the air and said "boom" "boom". He cracks me up :-)

One of his favorite things with one of his favorite people! Bubbles and grandmother :-)

Kisses from Aunt "E"

"Libengood" Family
"Kirk" Family
Liam loving his big chair
He got plenty of love from Grandmother

and Nana, too :-)


Kimberly said...

CUTE shirt, Amie! I'm glad you had everyone there with you. How fun! =)

Stephanie and Chris Hunnicutt said...

It looks like you all had a good time! I love your shirts!

Anonymous said...
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Baby Blessings said...

Hi Amy,

I found your blog link from one of the kids blogs. It was fun going back and reading some of your posts. Liam is really growing and is so cute. You are so creative! The "schooling" you are doing with him is great. Planning on homeschooling? :>) Looks like you'd be great at it!
Take care,

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