Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fire Station Visit

Our neighborhood playgroup took a trip to the Fire Station yesterday. They did the "friendly firefighter" program for the kids. This is just where the fireman dresses up in all his gear and talks to the kids about how firemen help you. I thought for sure Liam would be scared of him in all of his gear, since he is afraid of everything, but he wasn't at all! I think it is because he got to actually see the man put each piece of gear on, instead of just coming out all dressed up. He was fascinated, and we all had a great time!

Liam with the BIG truck!

Liam was pretty sure after seeing the oxygen tank and the mask, that the firemen were in fact divers. Only fueling his current obsession with divers :).

The "friendly fireman"

The kiddos with the fire hats I made for them to wear :).


Miriam said...

So So cute Amie! I just LOVE your creativity!!

Cecilia said...

What a great Mama! You are so stinkin' crafty!