Saturday, July 25, 2009

I never want to forget

As I am sitting here watching my precious little boy play I just can not believe how fast he is growing! I just want to take it all in, remember every moment, every little precious thing about how he is right now. I never want to forget his squishy little baby feet, his rolly polly legs, his oh so kissable cheeks, the way he smiles at me in the morning like I am the greatest thing he has ever seen. I never want to forget the way he giggles, and how he just loves our silly dog. I never want to forget his chubby little self rolling all over our floors because he can't crawl yet, his funny little "fang" smile which will soon be gone. The way he will "talk" and "talk" like there is something really important to say. I never want to forget how incredibly and abundantly blessed I am each day to have such a beautiful and precious little one...

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