Monday, July 6, 2009

Liam is 8 Months Old!!

Liam's 8 Month chair picture
All the things Liam has out grown... Two bins FULL of clothes, his swing, bouncy seat, and his car seat :o( All to the attic until the next one comes along...
Liam in his new "big boy" car seat :o)
God Bless America! Liam all ready for his first 4th of July!!
Check out those "fangs" SO FUNNY!!
Nick's teeth came in the same way when he was a baby...
Getting ready for FIREWORKS!!!
Waiting for it to get dark for them to start the show
Liam LOVED the Fireworks, as you can tell in the picture he was more interested in looking at them than at the camera :o)

WOW!! My baby is quickly growing up... it is hard to believe in four VERY short months Liam will be ONE!!! I think I'm gonna cry! He is doing so well and I am entertained and amazed by him everyday. As you can see by the pictures he is a growing boy! At his last check up he weighed... are you ready for this....27 lbs. and 30 in. long!!! Yes, that is right 27! He is 8 months old and wearing 18month clothes. He is definitely a little chunky monkey. He now has five teeth and as you saw in the pictures we are getting quite a kick out of his little "fangs"
He is now rolling all over the place. He is not crawling yet, but he can roll all the way across the room the get something he wants. It is quite amusing. The other day he rolled over to his shelf in the living room and pulled all of his books off the bottom shelf. I know it is only going to get more and more fun the more mobile he gets. He is making all kinds of new noises and he even said "Dada" for the first time!! I am sure "Mama" is right around the corner :o) As you saw in the picture, Liam is now the proud new owner of a "big boy" car seat! Thanks to Grandmother Pam :o) This one goes up to 65lbs, so hopefully we will be set for a while. He seems to like it and looks much more comfortable.
And some BIG news... Liam officially moved into his own room :o(. He has spent 3 nights in there so far. The first two were great, last night... not so great... but hopefully in a week or so he will be adjusted. Me on the other hand, I am still making a couple trips a night down the hall just to peak at him. I can't believe how fast they grow up. I wish there was a pause button you could use to steal a few extra days. Motherhood is everything I expected and noting I expected all at the same time. It has been so far the most wonderful time of my life! I feel so super blessed every time I look at Liam and thank God for the wonderful opportunity and privilege to be Liam's mom.

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Kimberly said...

I can't believe he had to move to a new car seat! I didn't realize you had to buy new ones. Stinks. =(
I'm very proud of you (& Nick) for letting your son have his room. =)