Friday, July 22, 2011


Here is a glimpse of our week via my iphone :)

My little Chubby Chubberson... I can't believe how fast he is growing :(

One of our craft projects, Liam is SO PROUD. He even picked a place to hang it on the wall :).

What? You don't find half eaten turkey hanging on your wall? Oh, the joys of toddlers :)

Read this book this week. One of the BEST books I have read! I was so sad when it was over. Looking forward to the movie!

Puzzles with my little guy.

Liam is having a blast with his cars we found at Goodwill. I love good finds! :)

Love. Love. Love these sweet faces :)


The Cisneros Family! said...

I saw you on Instafriday and I had to tell you that we went with that exact same pattern for baby equipment! Love the polka dots, especially because it's so boy-like, but still satisfies mommy! Anyway, adorable kiddos, and cheers to "The Help!" I was also sad when it ended!

Cecilia said...

They change so quickly, don't they? I have The Help on my list to read, maybe I should bump it up!

Stephanie and Chris Hunnicutt said...

I love the pictures! Hudson is growing so fast. I am reading The Help now and love it. I want finish it before the movie comes out. We should go see it together!