Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hudson is 5 Months old!

Little Huddy Buddy is 5 months old! He is growing and changing so fast. I am trying to be good and write down everything like I did with Liam. So far, I am keeping up pretty well :). At five months, he is rolling over in both directions, grabbing his toes, holding toys, laughing, mimicking sounds, and eating rice cereal, and a couple vegetables. I was planning on waiting until 6 months to start solids, but this little guy was acting like he was starving every time he would watch us eat. And, unlike Liam, he ate like a champ the first time I gave him cereal. He loved it! It cracked me up, I had to try with Liam for about a month and a half before he would actually eat it. We are having so much fun with our two boys. Nick and I still look at them all the time and can't believe we have 2! It is just awesome to watch them together. Liam can make Hudson laugh like no one else, it is the cutest thing ever! I will have to post a video soon.

Hudson 5 month chair picture
Liam 5 month chair picture



Liam First Cereal

Hudson First Cereal

Liam helping :)

I LOVE Liam's face :)

Such a big boy!

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