Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Four Months Old!

My Hand, Yummy!
Big smiles for Mommy!
My first Snow!!
I like this stuff!
Big blue bear at Grandmothers

Mommy, your so funny!
So cute and chubby!
Well, four months have gone by. Liam is fatter than ever and getting more and more fun everyday. One of my friends had told me that when you have a child, weather it be your first or your 10th that it will take around four months to get your routine down to where you feel "normal" again. I can honestly say that things are getting back to "normal" around our house. I actually feel like I can do this "Mom" thing. God is so good, he teaches us so much and has so much grace for new parents. Such a blessing!
Liam is growing and doing fun new things all the time. He loves to "talk" to us in the mornings. When he wakes up we will prop him up on our bed and he will just babble up a storm. It is so cute!! He imitates sounds really well, and Nick and I swear that he said "I love you" the other day. He is holding his head up a lot better now, not quite ready for the exersauser yet but that is right around the corner. We took the newborn sling part out of his bathtub this month and he is loving kicking his legs in the water. He started realizing that he could splash with his arms too, much to his surprise. He "found" his hands this month. He seems to like the left one the best, always trying to stick it in his mouth. The cutest thing is when he sleeps sometimes he will hold his hands together across his chest, just precious. Tummy time is getting less traumatizing for him which is good. He is holding his head and chest up and trying to look at toys and things I place in front of him. A couple of his favorite toys right now are definitely his swing, which I consider a God send, and his kick and play. He can kick his feet and make the music play, he loves that.
As for the sleeping, he is not sleeping through the night yet but doing much better. He will sleep for four to four and a half hours at a time. I can do that! I think we are both ok with that schedule for now. I am not too sure how much he weighs right now. The last time we went to the doctor was at the end of January and he was 13 and 1/2 lbs. We go back in three weeks, I am sure he is probably between 16 and 17 lbs. He is wearing 3-6 month clothes already! I almost cried packing up all of his newborn stuff a couple days ago. He was Sooooo tiny!! It is hard to believe he is the same child! I think that having a child really makes you see how fast time really does pass. They are constantly growing and changing and doing new things. I think that once we become adults (yes, I have come to that realization that I am actually an adult) time kind of stands still because we quit really having those tangible milestones to measure time against. But once a child comes along it is like we hit a fast forward button and we can't slow it down. It is kinda crazy!
As much as Liam loves books and I love to read fun books to him, as a parent weather you are a "reader" or not, you feel a certain responsibility to read parenting books. I am currently reading two books by Dr. James Dobson. "Dare to Discipline" and "Parenting isn't for Cowards". Hopefully I will be able to implement some of the things I learn. Well, Enjoy some of the pictures from this month!


miriam said...

He is darling Amie! If you think you're having fun now....just wait until he begins to crawl!

Kimberly said...

Liam next to the big blue bear is hilarious!
Just think... one day he'll be bigger than it. =(