Friday, March 20, 2009

Keeping Busy!


Getting ready to go for a walk!

Hanging out!

Hand painted birth announcement block

Some of the hats I made recently

Modeling mommy's hats

So Cute!

Well, as if my life wasn't busy enough with one baby... now there are two! No, I'm not pregnant! What do you think I am, CRAZY! Since before Liam was born, I prayed that God would provide for a way for me to be able to stay home with him, I did not know at the time what that provision would look like, but God has a way of opening our eyes to his plan. One day out of the blue (to me, not God) my friend I used to work with called me and asked me if I would be willing to watch her little boy during the week. My first reaction was.... well, uh.., um..., wow, I don't know. After a couple of "trial" days to see if it would work, without me going crazy, I accepted. It has been two weeks now, and we are really having a great time! He is a precious little boy, just four months older than Liam. We are getting our schedules down and I usually even get a couple hours of quite each day! Amazing I know! We have yet to venture far from the house, just walks in the neighborhood and playing at the playground, but I am sure I will eventually work up to trips to the mall, and some fun little outings, we shall see.
In my "free" time if you would like to call it that I have been working on some new crochet projects and crafty things too! I think having a hobby keeps me sane. I love making things with my hands. I always feel so accomplished when I finish a project. Enjoy some of the pictures of the boys and a few of my projects!


Matt and Kim said...

I LOVE the hats and the hand painted birth annoucement block! With all these pregnant ladies around, I may be placing some orders with you!!! Precious!

Amie Kirk said...

Thank you! Just let me know, I would love to make some gifts for you! Right now I am just doing it for fun, but everyone keeps telling me I need to sell them ;-). We shall see...

Gran said...

Amie - Liam is so cute. Ask Nicholas if he remembers how fat Carrington was? Rubber band arms and legs. She is now a petite little girl. I love the hats. I would like for you to make me a couple for our two new babies. A girl in July but we don't know about the one in September. LeI will talk to you about them later and what you will charge. Don't get in a hurry with the food. Looks like he is doing fine without it. Love - Aunt Judy