Thursday, December 18, 2008

NICU Follow-Up and Uncle Andrew

Well, Liam had his one month NICU follow-up today. Everything went perfectly! He has gained 3lbs. in a month!! HOLY COW!! He is now up to 8lbs and 5oz. Let me tell you if this would have been a full term baby he would have been huge! For preemies born at his gestation (32 wk 5days) he is in the 80th percentile as far as weight. He is such a happy baby. He is still on a every 3hr. feeding schedule. I am in the process of trying to stretch that out to every four. Sometimes it works. The nurse told me that usually after they hit 10lbs. they are able to sleep for longer peroids of time. The way that Liam is growing that will be in about two weeks :) He is nursing which is a blessing. A lot of preemies have trouble latching on and being able to nurse, not Liam. He is definitely getting plenty to eat proven by his 3lb. weight gain. The only concern from the visit today was that he looked a little jaundice. They went ahead and did blood work to check his bilirubin levels...they came back at 7.7 and Dr. Suskin said that there was nothing to be concerned about, so all is well.We do not have to go back until June. 
My brother came in from Arizona today! This is the first time he has got to meet Liam. He was so excited! It is nice to have him here. It has been a whole year since he was here last. He brought his girlfriend Sierra with him to meet the family... brave girl considering they will be here for nearly 2 weeks! I am excited to have the chance to get to know her. Andrew seems to like her pretty well. It is so nice to all get to be together on Christmas. I am feeling blessed! 

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Kimberly said...

Hey! So glad you're in Blogger world. I had some reading to catch up on!
I'm so glad Liam is growing so fast! Wow.