Thursday, December 4, 2008

One Month...Time Flies!!

I can not believe that my baby is already one month old!! He is doing so good and getting so big! He had his appointment with the Pediatric Optometrist yesterday which all premature babies have to do so they can can check to see if the blood vessels in their eyes are fully developed. Let me tell you it was traumatizing to watch.  They have to dilate their eyes and then they take these metal clamps and pry their eye lids open while I the mother have to hold my precious screaming baby still. Then they have to poke around the eyeball to see all of the blood vessels. Yuck!! We were both so glad when that was over. Good news is that his blood vessels are fully developed and he will not have to do that again!! 
Then of corse I had to take some  1 month pictures of him, and since Christmas is right around the corner I took full advantage of that! Soooo Precious!! 


Jessica said...

I almost cried at Nathaniel's eye appointment... it was the most horrible thing Ive ever had to watch!

Kelly and Rob said...

welcome to blog land :) so glad to hear your little fella is doing so well. You guys are all in our prayers.


Kimberly said...

I'm horrified at just reading that. That must've been so hard for you!
Love, love, love the Christmas pictures.
By the way, Steph and I are trying to figure out a time to come crash at your house! =)